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Phillip Givens

Board Member

Phillip Givens is a “Management Professional” specializing in helping water utilities achieve “Sustainable Success” through the development and implementation of Strategic Management Plans.

He holds a Degree in Business Administration. He has over 42 years of experience in business management and over 26 years of experience in utility management. He also serves on the Board of Directors of Harris County Utility District #15.

He provides consulting services to enhance the financial, managerial, & technical capacity of water utilities throughout Texas. Including Strategic Planning, Board Training, Rate Study/Design, Asset Management, Financial Planning, Policy & Procedures, Emergency Planning, and Best Management Practices. He has spoken at numerous industry conferences.

Additionally, specific industry training has been received through continuing education including, Water Utility Management, Financial Management: Rate Making & Design, Water Utility Rates Seminar, Public Funds Investment Act, Assessing Your Utility Vulnerability, Source Water Protection, Basic Water Operations, Basic Wastewater Operations and Texas Water Law, to name a few.

He maintains membership in several professional associations such as the American Water Works Association, the Association of Water Board Directors, and the Texas Rural Water Association.

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