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Juko's First Day Of School

Hi my name is Juko Noriega, and like many other kids like me, I am one of God’s special gifts to the world. 

My family and I can't wait to share some of our experiences as a family of a child with Down Syndrome, as well as resources and our Congratulations Bag. My mom and sisters are really good at storytelling, so prepare to be amused!

Guess what? I love my signature so much so that I put it on a shirt. It's pretty much my autograph and proceeds from the sales of my books and merch support Houston area families of children born with Down Syndrome.  

Thanks for visiting my page!


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Our Goal, Vision & Commitment

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We are excited to introduce you all to Juko, because every child deserves to feel seen and represented! 

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The first in a series of books sharing Juko's experiences as an amazing boy with Down Syndrome, Juko's First Day of School is the perfect gift for children of all ages.


Juko's Signature Collection

Featuring Juko Noriega's actual signature, proceeds from "Juko's Signature" Collection are used to create care packages for Houston families of children with Down Syndrome

Juko's First Day of School

Proceeds from "Juko's First Day of School" merchandise and book are used to provide support and resources for Houston families of children with Down Syndrome

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