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Congratulations Program

The Sparkle of Life “Congratulations! Program" is to congratulate parents of newborn babies with Down Syndrome. In a world where others often express sorrow for the birth of a child with Down Syndrome Sparkle of Life says with pride, reassurance, and compassion, “Congratulations!”

Our Congratulations! Baskets are delivered to the families at the hospital or at home after the baby arrives, and our baskets are full of items and resources that are appropriate for any new baby and provides connections and referrals for service to help them navigate their Down Syndrome journey.


 It is a gift for the families to know their child is valued and they will have more blessings than challenges along the way!

Filled with items for the baby, resources for family, and love for all involved, our Congratulations Baby Bag can be requested below and is delivered to the hospital or the families home. 

Baby Shower

Request a Baby Bag

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We have recieved your Congratulations! Basket. We will be in contact soon.

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